Since 1993 we live with the breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The fascination of the Rhodesian Ridgeback has remained until today.
2012 we come across the very young breed Russkiy Toy.
Our first Russkiy Toy female, which we have taken from very bad past, we are dealing intensively with this breed. Today a small russkiy toy male named "Major" enriches our lives

We live in district Arnoldstein, in the southernmost part of Carinthia - on the border with Italy and Slovenia. The house is located in a rural, very well developed environment. Surrounded by mountains, rivers and the word lake. Extensive forests alternate with open grassland and farmland. A good region to keep our dogs as humanely and happily as possible in an optimal area.

Our pack is mixed - Husky lady Kitana, Chihuahua girl "Little Bee Sumsum", Russkiy Toy girl Tattoo, Rhodesian Ridgeback male "Nsoah" , Nsoahs daughter Rhodesian Ridgeback female " Indaji " and Russkiy Toy Male "Major" - not forgetting our 2 kittens Lucky and Sissy and cat Felix.