International Dog Sow Graz / Austria

We were at the weekend with friends on the
International Dog Show in Graz.
For Indaji it was the first time in the youth class and Major was the star.
Indaji started in the heavily occupied youth class and got a "very good". She was very uncertain and did not want to be touched. Trozem got like a very nice judge report. We have to practice now :-)

Major was the high-flyer on Saturday was the club exhibition of the ÖKV supervised races -
Major took all the titles.
On Sunday then the CAC Show where he cleared everything again
Results here:

Winter wonderland

The nature showed itself today again from its most beautiful side.
It's so beautiful when you have mountains on your doorstep
Thank you so much Heidi for this great shoot.


Today I took some pictures of Indji in the snow. When I loaded the pictures on my computer, I was very startled
Indaji already looks like a young lady.
she is breathtakingly beautiful and has developed great.
At the moment she is a bit scared and uncertain. But we all know this phase :-)
Indaji loves the snow and after the walk she can hardly be brought home.

Show News

CACIB Slovenia Winner I & II with Crufts qualification

What a great success. We were with Major and Indaji
at the CACIB in Celje 19/20 january.

Indaji and Major were great and brought great results home.
It is always an experience to guide the dogs in the ring. It is a lot of fun especially when we are traveling with friends.
Here are the results and reports -

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Our proud.
KwaZulu Ishara Major import from Ukraine.
Major is 1 year and has developed magnificently. His show career has just begun.
2x Best puppy
1x V1 (junior class)
Patellar Luxation - Free 0/0 (x-ray examination - picture and findings are available)
LCP * - Legg-Calve-Perthes - Free (x-ray examination - picture and findings are available)
size: 26cm
weigh: 2.4kg

He has an excellent character and is a great little man.
He is in training as a mantrailer (he is used when a person is missing) and in obedience . He loves long walks and cuddles in the evening

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Indaji is now 8 months old and she is developing into a beautiful Ridgeback female.
She is like a typical teenage girl -
At home, limits are tested, turned on deaf and so on...
Outside, she is an absolute good bitch.
Always come back when i call her, loves all dogs,
People and children, no matter what size, are always greeted warmly. City visits or restaurant visits are no problem, she knows exactly how to behave.
New Year's Eve, she spent very relaxed and gave the blast no attention at all. Generally she is a very environmentally safe female
Indaji is an indescribably great Ridgeback girl with a very fine character. We are very proud of our girl

Happy New Year ..

I wish all families, friends and acquaintances the new year.
Especially my star child Nsoah - I miss you very much. It was a year of many changes, ups and downs.
For 2019 we have some plans. our own dog school is enlarged. A Certified Dogfood ( B.A.R.F ) Training in February,
with our two youngest, Indaji and Major, we will continue to visit exhibitions. Major has in January the breed admission exam, etc ...
I am looking forward to the challenges and we will continue to share our news here..


... is one of the most beautiful traditions.

We wish all samily and friends

Merry and relaxing Christmas. Enjoy the time and
let the stress, the everyday life behind you
Especially we wish Indajis 9 siblings
a great first Christmas.
Zulu, Maya, Runa, Bona celebrating Christmas in her place of birth Lithuania -
Finn and Indaji in Austria
Lazar in Germany
Nyah in Croatia
Rafiki in England
Bosso in Sweden

CACIB Wels - Austria

Bahati Berimbau Mama Africa aka Indaji
8. December 2018 / Judge Horst Kliebenstein (Germany)
Puppy class: vv1 / Best Puppy

Excerpt from the judge's report:
Elegant wheat colored female dog with a very beautiful female head, very beautiful hangings, beautiful eye color, dry neck, very good ridge, in the movement Parallel

9.December 2018 / Judge Barbara Müller ( Swizerland )
Puppy class: vv2 ( Best Puppy )

Excerpt from the judge's report:
7 months young very feminine female, correct scissor bite, very good expression, straight front, correct ridge, good body length, youthful movement

We are very proud of our little girl.
Her first Show and she was great

KwaZulu Ishara Major
8. December 2018 / Judge Beradze Iuza ( CZ )
Junior class: Excellent 1

Excerpt from the judge's report:
Good Typ, head correct, missing a little bit substance...

9. December / Judge Mag. Dr. Otto Schimpf ( Austria )
Junior class: Very good 1

Excerpt from the judge's report:
Very good head, correct scissor bite, ears and eyes, flowing movement, still needs exercise in the ring...

He was very great for his second show and we are very prod of our young male

Health check

Today was an exciting day. Major had today his health examination in the Vetmet in Villach.
We are overthe moon
Heart - without findings
Eyes - without findings
Patellar luxation - Frei0 / 0 (X-ray examination - picture available)
LCP * - Legg-Calvé-Perthes - Free (X-ray examination - picture available)
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Indaji 5 months

Our sweet little Indaji is now 5 months testing her limits.
I often laugh because she reminds me of her father Nsoah.
It develops well and remains very relaxed in many situations. She is trained in mantrailing and on friday it is the first time for clicker training.

Welcome our new family member - Indaji

May I introduce you to our new family member Indaji
Indaji means - adventure.
Indaji - formerly Miss Orange - was not planned.
But life often plays differently -
Indaji, is her name and she is a typical puppy.So far this little girl has quite the personality. She a huge snuggler and would prefer sleeping curled up in your arms over anywhere else. She is a daughter of my male Nsoah and comes from Lithuania.She is very friendly playful and open-minded. She loves people and childrenShe has quickly settled into the existing pack and has a permanent place.We are very happy that Indaji is with us and she will accompany us in life.

IHA Oberwarth

Incredible , Major and Heidi rocks the ring. Major won BEST PUPPY( 4 entries ) .
Also in the honor ring was Major excellent.
Judge report : 6.monts , very beautiful head with clear eyes and ears set perfectly, typical figure and proportions, correct badge, excellent bite, typical move.
Many congrats - well done!

Happy Birthday

Today is a very special day.
Nsoah celebrates his 10th birthday .
It is a great gift to have Nsoah in my life.
He is my soul dog with a unique personality.
We have experienced a lot together. We have been touring and having traveled through Europe and always enjoyed our time together.

He passed on many of his good qualities to his children.
And thats make me proud

He is still very agile and fit - he is everywhere with us and even if his pace have slowed a bit today - He participates in everything that happens in and around our family!

I'm just incredibly thankful for every day he joined


KwaZulu Ishara Major

Our smallest and youngest family member -
Major is a Russkiy Toy Terrier male with an unbeatable charm.
We have the little man out Imported from a FCI kennel from Ukraine and since then it turns our lives upside down.

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