Result of
Bahati Berimbau Mama Afrika

CACIB & Special Clubshow Rogla / Slovenia

Judge Report 29.06.2019 / Boris Baic SLO
45 dogs entry - 5 in youthclass

Excellent feminine head, excellent expression,
good bones, excellent ridge, very good movement,
correct scissors bite, strong and correct jump joint,
a little reserved in character -
Youth Class: Excellent 3

Sunday Judge Report 30.06.2019 / Momcilo Milic (MNE)

Excellent female, eyes and ears excellent, neck of excellent length, excellent ridge, correct set tail,
excellente angulations, excellent forechest, excellent topline. Need more training in shows
Youth Class: Excellent 2

CACIB Maribor & Pohorje

Judge Report 20.05.2019 / Judge Wim Wellens NL

Typical young female with excellent head, very sweet expression, correct sizor bite, well body for her age
- after bad ring experience needs to get back to better judgment

Judge's Report 21.05.2019 / Judge Stelios Makaritis GR
Youth Class: Excellent 3

Excellent typ with excellent head, good proportions, good ears, nice neck, good angulations, excellent rips and loins
good bones and feet, excellent coat and ridge, moves well

CAC Show Graz / Austria

9.März 2019 / Judge Csaba Borsfai ( Hungary )
Very Good 1

Excerpt from the judg report:
Beautiful eye color, good pigmentation, massive bones, good movement, still needs ring training to become more confident.

CACIB Slovenia with

Crufts qualification 2020                        

19 january 2019 / Judge Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk Wierzch ( Poland)
Puppy class: vv2

Excerpt from the judg report:
Very nice female, very nice feminine head, beautiful body and move, need more grow up

20 january 2019 / Judge Theo Leenen ( Belgien )
Puppy class: vv1 / Best puppy

Excerpt from the judg report:
8 months old, excellent size and proportions, excellent feminine head, well set ears, correct scissors, very nice topline, excellent angulation, chest deep, moving well -

CACIB Wels ( AT ) 8/9 December 2018

8. December 2018 / Judge Horst Kliebenstein (Germany)
Puppy class: vv1 / Best Puppy

Excerpt from the judge's report:
Elegant wheat colored female dog with a very beautiful female head, very beautiful hangings, beautiful eye color, dry neck, very good ridge, in the movement Parallel

9.December 2018 / Judge Barbara Müller ( Swizerland )
Puppy class: vv2 / Best Puppy

Excerpt from the judge's report:
7 months young very feminine female, correct scissor bite, very good expression, straight front, correct ridge, good body length, youthful movement