KwaZulu Ishara Major

CACIB Rogla & Special Clubshow Russkiy Toy Slovenia

Judge Report of Major
Special Clubshow Russkiy Toy Rogla 2019
Saturday Judge Report 29.06.2019 / Kirstin Nilsson DNK

Excellent typ, good size and proportion, excellent and nice typical head, correct bite, well shaped body
tempramet would be better
Excellent 1  - without titel (He did not want to run and stopped)

CACIB - Saturday / Alberto Vergara IT
17 months, typical head with good deepth, correct bite,
eyes and muzzle, excellent body with correct proportions and high legs, correcttopline, typical movement -
needs to be more confortable with a table and the ring
(Major did not want to run again :/ )
VG 1

CACIB - Sunday / Alexandar Petrovic (SRB)
Excellent young male, good ears set, eye color is the color of the body, correct bite, excellent feed, good body, very nice brown color male, could be more courage
VG 1

Major is just WOW - all judge say this - But Major don't like shows. He is Austrian Junior Champion and we are very very proud of him!

Breeding license ÖKV /FCI

To our great pleasure,

Major received today the breeding approval of ÖKV / FCI

Major is suitable Female, who are perfectly healthy, as a stud dog available

ONLY FCI Females

CACIB Maribor & Pohorje

Judge Report 20.05.2019 / Robert Lamont IE
Very good 1

Excellent size and shape, overall proportions correct, good outline, beautiful neck, excellent head with correct, portions
good front, good angulation,  a little bit unsure on the table and needs to gain confident

Judge Report 21.05.2019 / Mrs Siv Jernhake SE

Abeautiful young dog, nice head, correct body, would be a little bit more angulation in the back line, arched owen the loin

ÖKV Club show of Russkiy Toys and CAC show in Graz 2019

9. March / Judge Harsanyi (Hungary) / ÖKV Clubshow
Junior class: Excellent 1, BEST JUNIOR, CLASS WINNER, BEST MALE , BOB - and the coronation CLUB WINNER 2019

Excerpt from the judge's report:
14 month excellent young male, compact built, excellent typical head, nice stop, excellent body,

great movement.

10.March / Judge Bertold Peterburs( Germany ) / CAC Show
Junior class: Excellent 1, BEST JUNIOR, CLASS WINNER, BEST MALE , BOB

Excerpt from the judge's report:
Excellent built male with correct angles. very good depth of the chest, excellent head with a correct proportion, full dentition and complete scissor bite, free movement with good posture..


                    CACIB Slovenia
               with Crufts qualification 2020
                        19/20 January 2019

19. January / Judge Igor Vyguzov ( Mazedonien )
Junior class: Very good 1

Excerpt from the judge's report:
Beautiful typ, elegant, head correct, correct propotions,
the topline should be a little be better

20. January / Judge Rainer Jacobs ( Germany )
Junior class:
Excellent 1, Slovenian Junior Winner, JCAC, BOB and CRUFTS QUALIFICATION 2020

Excerpt from the judge's report:
12 months, excellent breed typ, perfect substance, excellent head, very good angulated, correct anatomy ,great fluid movement!

CACIB Wels ( AT ) 8/9 December 2018

8. December 2018 / Judge Beradze Iuza ( CZ )
Junior class: Excellent 1

Excerpt from the judge's report:
Good Typ, head correct, missing a little bit substance...

9. December / Judge Mag. Dr. Otto Schimpf ( Austria )
Junior class: Very good 1

Excerpt from the judge's report:
Very good head, correct scissor bite, ears and eyes, flowing movement, still needs exercise in the ring

IHA Oberwart ( AT ) Judge: Zeljka fon Zidar (SR)

15.July 2018 / Judge report
6.monts , very beautiful head with clear eyes and ears set perfectly, typical figure and proportions, correct badge, excellent bite, typical move.

VP 1 / Best Puppy