Nsoah is a strikingly beautiful, self-assured, confident Rhodesian Ridgeback. He comes from a long and well established African blood line and is authentic in temperament. He is interested in his surroundings, territorial and alert. Initially observant with strangers, he will soon forge warm friendships. He is an elegant, athletic, expressive dog and quite simply outstanding.
His dry-muscled body covers a strong skeletal structure, perfectly shaped head and expressive demeanour with a strong chaw line to complete the picture of excellence. His paws are closed and compact. The back is straight and firm and his movement is jaunty, rhythmical and spacious. His coat is a wonderfully warm red wheaten with small white marking over his heart.
He is calm and pleasant indoors. Outdoors, he shows off his personality and takes delight in a good run. He is accustomed to accompany us when we are out cycling and particularly enjoys showing us the way.
He loves swimming in summer and to retrieve.
We let him off the lead when out on fields or in the forest, as his hunting instinct is easy to control. He is a Lady's man and very charming toward females, with males it is a matter of .... well, sympathy.

                                    Working Dog

Nsoah is a working dog through and through as he loves a 'job'. His quick uptake is aided by a high level of intelligence. His physical speed is also evident on the race course, there he shows what his breed is made of. His assured temperament enables him to take on any 'job'. Obedience, subordinate and obliging at dog training classes, excellent personality as 'service dog' and a formidable nose suitable for 'scenting' and "mantrailling".
Nsoah is the first Rhodesian Ridgeback who works on the wheelchair


Name: Harmakhis Wisdom Nsoah
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Owner: Barbara Obermoser
Pedigree no: ÖHZB RHR 1148
Date of Born: 24 June 2008 / Italy
Size: 70,5cm
Weight: 47 kg

HD -
A1 Free
ED-shoulder - Free
Degnerative Myelopathy- Free ( Genotyp N/N )
Spondylose/Übergangswirbel - Free
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy - JME
- CLEAR ( study Finnland )
Dilute Status -
Hemophilia - Free - Nsoah is genetically healthy and is only the intact gene pass to his offspring
Neospora - Free > 1:40 = negativ
Same analysis - Best qualiti / 04.May 2017

Also the ultrasound of balls and prostate is nothing about to complain.
Everything no abnormalities! - all is perfect.

VetCheck - Ultrasound and EKG heart - without findings
All is perfect / 1. July 2016
( Prof. Dr. Ursula Hofer )Frozen semen available
( University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna )

( 31. July .2011)
Passed breeding test without any restrictions-
from ther Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Austria ( RRCÖ )
Gun shoot proofed

Color: Red Wheaten
Ridge: Correct
Theet: Full dentition and complete Scissor Bite
Nose color: Black Nose
Gender: Male
Breeder: Sara Venturelli
Kennel: www.harmakhis.it

Successes: 1 Excellent, multiple CAC, CACIB, BOB and group winner ( BIG ),
Serbian Champion
, Bulgaria ChampionCandidate to Slowenien Championship and internationale ChampionshipNsoah stands heatly females with FCI papers free to offspring!

                       Bahati Berimbau Mama Afrika

          CH Harmakhis Wisdom Nsoah & Ajumpaa Alice in Wonderland



Indaji, is her name and she is a typical puppy.
She is a daughter of my male Nsoah and comes from Lithuania.
She is very friendly playful and open-minded. She loves people and children
She has quickly settled into the existing pack and has a permanent place.
We are very happy that Indaji is with us and she will accompany us in life.


Name: Bahati Berimbau Mama Afrika aka Indaji
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Owner: H. M & Barbara Obermoser
D.o.b: 10 May 2018 / Lithuania - FCI
Pedigree no: ÖHZB RHR 1870
Date of Born: 10 May 2018 / Lituania
Size: 64cm
Weight: 32 kg

Red Wheaten
Full dentition and complete Scissor Bite
Nose color:
Black Nose
Sigute Garsanove / Lithuania

Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy - JME - Clear -
tested by Laboklin / Germany
Hemophilia - Free
Denerative Myelopathy- Free
( Genotyp N/N )- by parentage
Dilute Status - DD